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Welcome to Localkopo, the home of the financially free

Take a loan

Meet lenders online and get a loan of any kind, with plenty of options to get the best offer possible. Chat with lenders and seal the deal on spot!

Lend money

Earn a little more by lending out cash with you 100% in control of of your funds. Lenders do not deposit their funds with us, and we do not dictate the terms of lending. It's a P2P world!

Be an agent

Facilitate trade between lenders and borrowers and earn from your facilitation fees. Agents can process security items and participate in fund transfers upon request.


Inspire a legion to support your course With the ability to start a crowdfunding campaign, business owners and even normal people requiring mass funding now have access to avenues not easily accessible before. Now all that is needed is your ability to deliver a valid promise on how the funds will be paid back and get ready to receive your funds. We do not charge a percentage or any amount on the funds raised through a crowdfunding campaign ran on our platform.

Free For All…

…Except those who earn

We use a pay-as-you-go subscription model for lenders and agents who pay a small percentage of their earnings for the good tidings this app has brought them. All non-earning users are never charged.

Loyalty is Royalty

We reward royalty points to our loyal users and to those who bring friends on board. These points can be redeemed in the form of subsidized loan interests, or used to pay for app subscription. For the extremely loyal, these points can be redeemed as cash.

Meet our rich community

Of men and women who discuss wealth

Join and interact with other members of our community through the blog and forum, or even on our social media handles where the discussion never ends.