We value the contribution each person makes to our platform, and so we make effort to try and accommodate the various requirements of different lenders and agents. Our percentage based pricing strategy can accommodate most of the requirements of agents and lenders. However, certain unique cases may require special adaptation, and we are here to we meet the requirements of every user.

Lending Threshold

Lenders who expect to receive trade requests of over KES 5,000,000 can apply to be exempted from streamline pricing. The application will be processed within 72 hours and accepted if:

  • The lender has been on Localkopo for at least 6 months and has registered requests amounting to over KES 5,000,000 in at least 4 of the last 6 months and not less than KES 3,000,000 in any of the months, OR
  • The lender has registered average monthly requests of at least KES 3,000,000 for the last 3 months. The lender should have evidence of lending outside Localkopo that can supplement the requests to over KES 5,000,000. In addition, the lender should present evidence of having brought the borrowers outside of Localkopo onto the platform e.g. the referral code used

The application can be made by sending a scanned, signed and properly endorsed (stamped, with company seal or other forms of endorsement) letter to [email protected], attaching all the evidence necessary. The letter should contain the email address associated with the applying account and the full name of the person signing the letter. The letter should indicate the desired pricing point and an indication of the willingness to accepted a pricing Localkopo may determine appropriate.

Endorsed Agents

Endorsed agents enjoy subsidized charges on their earnings and can provide services beyond the limit of their agency credit.

Localkopo can endorse agents based on their level of trustworthiness and the amount of time they have spent providing their services on the platform. The threshold for an agent to be endorsed takes in various factors including their all time trade volume and reviews of users they have interacted with. To apply to become an endorsed agent, send a scanned letter to [email protected] indicating the registered email address of the applying agent account. The application will be accepted if the agent has provided services for over 6 months and has reached received accumulated payment of KES 2,000,000 or more.

The letter should contain the desired pricing point and how trust can be established between Localkopo and their stance.